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Elder Flower Champagne

1 Jul

Elder flower is strongly connected to Irish legend and medicine. The elder tree is often connected with bad luck and is host to the mischievous tricks of the fairies. The elder flower and leaves are thought to have a mild narcotic effect, Irish folklore warns of sleeping under the elder, for fear you may never wake again.  Legend also claims that if an old maiden is to wash her face in the dew of elderflowers, she will retrieve her youthful beauty.

Making champagne out of elder flowers is so simple! All you need is a large sauce pan and some bottles. Elder flower is light with only 1.5% alcohol. The elder flower gives this sparkling drink a  beautiful lemon scent and taste. I also added some rhubarb cordial to some of my brew to make a pink champagne.


For 4.5 litres of champagne you will need-

6 freshly picked elder flower heads

Two Lemons

One Orange

750 grams of sugar


You will need several bottles before you begin. I got special home brew bottles that have two layers of plastic in them. It is better to use plastic bottles instead of glass as plastic bottles won’t explode from too much pressure. You will also need some muslin cloth for straining the champagne, the muslin will remove all the petals from the elder flower.


  1. Take a large sauce pan, add the 4.5 litres of water, the elder flower heads and sliced orange and lemons. Cover, and leave over night.
  2. The next day, strain the water through muslin cloth.
  3. Place the water into a large clean bucket or back into the sauce pan. Add the 750g of sugar and stir until it dissolves.
  4. Bottle the champagne. Over the next few days it will begin to ferment as the wild yeast from the flower feeds on the sugar. Wait for one month before drinking the champagne.